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India's most rewarding beauty influencer program

As a #MyGlammXOBeautyCreator, you get an unlimited supply of MyGlamm products.Simply use your FREE MyGlamm products to do what you do best: create inspiring and valuable content for your followers!

Oh, and you get to make money - maybe even launch your very own beauty line with MyGlamm. Yeah, you read that right! We mean it when we say - this is the most rewarding beauty influencer program in India!

WHY? Here's Why You
Join Right Now

  • Free products
    Every month you'll receive a MyGlamm Beauty Box of specially curated products which have been co-created with feedback from millions of beauty lovers!
  • Get your content seen by millions
    As a #MyGlammXOBeautyCreator, you get an opportunity to be featured on POPxo, Plixxo and MyGlamm social media; that's a combined reach of over 50 million!
  • Get cash rewards
    We're also giving away Rs. 10,000 to the ‘MyGlammXO Beauty Creator of the Week'!

    Not just that! If you're picked as the ‘MyGlammXO Beauty Creator of the Week' - your gorgeous face and Instagram handle will flash on screens at our flagship store in Mumbai!
  • Masterclasses with the best in the industry
    Every month, we will hook you up with industry experts for super insightful sessions on beauty, content creation, growth hacking and more. Oh, and it's totally free for you!
  • Get access to the MyGlamm Secret Lab in Mumbai
    As a #MyGlammXOBeautyCreator, you get a sneak peek into our product creation process. You can also test and make your own formulations.
  • Benefits to share with your followers
    Share the ‘The Great Glamm Survey' with your Insta fam using your unique link and ALL your followers who fill up the survey get a FREE lipstick from MyGlamm.

    But, that's not it! Everytime someone uses your special link to take the survey it increases your chances of getting picked as the ‘MyGlammXO Beauty Creator of the Week.'
  • Early access to all our new products
    You will try out our new products before anyone else - awesome samples coming your way - and you'll also be invited to all our virtual & in-store product launches!

We'll send your special link and more deets on email!

join in!

What? What do you have to do?

Every month, create a minimum of 4 posts on Instagram. Use your monthly stash of MyGlamm products to create amazing beauty looks for your Insta fam. Recommend these products to your followers on your Insta stories to give them instant access!

Don't forget to use #MyGlammXO and #MyGlammXOBeautyCreator and tag @myglammxo_beautycreator @myglamm @popxobeauty and @plixxo.

That's not all—watch out for uh-mazing flash campaigns that'll make your journey as a #MyGlammXOBeautyCreator even more rewarding!

Every six months, you'll get an opportunity to level up to MyGlammXO Beauty Creator PRO And that means even MORE awesome benefits!

Your MyGlamm Beauty Box becomes bigger and better

You'll get extra MyGlamm products in your MyGlamm Beauty Box.

You could create and launch your own beauty line with us!

Ever dreamt of creating your own beauty products? Well, we can make that dream come true for our top performing PROs! You will work closely with our product development team who will help turn your ideas into a unique new beauty collection—with your name on it!

What? What Do You Have To Do To Become
a MyGlammXO Beauty Creator PRO?

Don't limit the number of posts you create

Show off your stash of MyGlamm products in as many posts as possible! We're keeping an eye on the engagement and reach of your #MyGlammXOBeautyCreator posts. *wink wink*

As always, don't forget to tag #MyGlammXO, #MyGlammXOBeautyCreator, @popxobeauty, @myglamm and @plixxo.

Make an impact on your followers

Create amazing content that will influence your followers to buy MyGlamm products. Every time your followers use your special link, you automatically earn MyGlammXO Points.

Remember, more content = bigger rewards!

Frequently Asked Questions

POPxo and MyGlamm have come together to launch an initiative to create the future of beauty with millions of women across India. In simple words, it is the world’s largest beauty democracy initiative to co-create beauty products.

MyGlammXO Beauty Creator is a one-of-a-kind program for influencers and beauty enthusiasts.

This annual program gets you access to an unlimited supply of MyGlamm products all year round. All you have to do is help us promote the products by MyGlamm and do what you’re already doing - i.e. create inspiring and valuable content for your followers!

You get to make money and also earn tons of benefits in the process!

Yes, you will need to be registered on Plixxo to participate in the program.

Yes, you can be a MyGlammXO Beauty Creator and still participate in other campaigns via Plixxo and/or other brands, as well. This is a non-exclusive program so you are free to collaborate with other brands.

Not at all. It is completely up to you and will not affect your participation in any other programs. But trust us when we say this, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity that you do not want to miss!

To avail all the benefits of the program, you will need to be a part of #MyGlammXOBeautyCreator for at least 12 months. You can continue, for as long as you want!

  • You should have a public, business account on Instagram
  • You should have a minimum of 1,000 followers
  • You should be over 18 years of age
  • You should be based in India

Unfortunately, not at the moment. This program is currently designed for influencers with a valid Instagram account. However, the minimum following is 1,000. You can get there soon!

If you’re an established or aspiring beauty influencer or make-up and skincare enthusiast - your chances of getting approved are way higher. However, other influencers can apply too.

Creativity, quality, engagement and consistency are key. Our team does a very thorough check, keeping these 3 criteria in mind before your profile gets shortlisted.

  • Ensure that you make maximum use and highlight the benefits of MyGlamm products in your content
  • Go over and above and create as many images or videos
  • The engagement and reach of your #MyGlammXOBeautyCreator posts
  • Your content must influence your followers to buy MyGlamm products

You can get paid when;

  • You get picked as ‘MyGlammXO Beauty Creator of the Week’ and get Rs. 10,000 every week
  • Your followers purchase products that you recommend using your link and you get a commission for every transaction

But don’t worry, the rewards are completely worth it!

We completely understand if a certain product is not suitable for your skin. However, we’re sure you can figure innovative ways to use it. For example, if a foundation is darker than your skin tone, you can still use it for contouring. Creativity in your content will always earn you brownie points.

Unfortunately, we do not allow exchanges but you can reach out to us, in case of any concerns.

Unfortunately, we currently do not have an option where you can pick your own products.

For any reason, if you decide to leave the program, please contact us on

to discuss your options. Based on your concerns, we can plan your exit from the program or put your participation on hold temporarily, and allow you to resume when possible.

If you leave the program without informing us, you will not only lose out on the opportunity to rejoin #MyGlammXOBeautyCreator in future but you will also be blacklisted from all future campaigns on Plixxo.

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