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Plixxo is powered by POPxo - India's Largest Influencer Marketing Platform for bloggers, Youtubers and social media influencers!

It’s the perfect platform for brands to find influencer partners they love, and for Influencers to participate in brand campaigns and get rewarded for their reach and influence!

Yes, indeed! Plixxo is a product from POPxo which will be used to bring all of our existing and new influencers on the same platform and connect them to India’s top brands for running paid campaigns.
Plixxo has different categories of influencers on the platform. Check out the criteria for joining each category:

Campus Ambassador - Public Instagram account with 1000+ followers (college student)

Insider - Public Instagram account with 1000+ followers

Insta Influencer - Public Instagram account with 5000+ followers

Blogger - Active blog and a public Instagram account with 5000+ followers

Youtuber - Active YouTube channel with 5000+ subscribers

Super Blogger - By invitation
Signing up and participating in campaigns as a Plixxo influencer is a breeze! Here’s how it goes:
  • Sign up on
  • Connect your social media channels
  • Once you’re on-board, we’ll invite you to participate in campaigns on Plixxo.
  • If you find an interesting one, you can accept the campaign to get a detailed brief about the dos and don'ts.
  • And you’re ready! Time to create fresh content and publish it to your blog/social media channels.
  • The best part? You get paid within two weeks after you’ve raised an invoice at the click of a button!
Brands approach Plixxo when they want to start a campaign for promoting their product or service. They either shortlist specific influencers that they wish to work with, or they lay down a criteria like reach, city, gender, category of influencer, etc. based on which we invite influencers to participate in the campaign. Usually there are limited spots - so the first ones to confirm their participation on Plixxo get the campaign. If we reach the upper limit of number of influencers who can participate, the remaining influencers (who accept the campaign) get ‘Wait-listed’. If any confirmed influencer drops out, the wait-listed participant automatically gets invited.
We invite brands to partner with us, or brands get in touch with us to create campaigns with Plixxo Influencers. Either way, it takes time to sign off the collaboration. As soon as a campaign gets finalised, we reach out to you! On some occasions, the brand handpicks the influencers that they wish to work with. If you haven't been invited to a campaign yet, worry not! There will be plenty of opportunities in future for you to participate.
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